About Us


A little about Bikewise Southwest and how 30yrs experience can help you.

Established in 2016, BikewiseSW is built on quality and understanding the needs of todays busy society.

We here at BikeWiseSW will carry out servicing, repairs and any bike related work on your cycle.

Bicycles have been a passion of mine from a very young age.

More recently I have been working in a Specialized Concept Store, that was an interesting 6 years, but I feel happier being able to offer a more personal service to the people of Plymouth and surrounding areas,  with customers coming from all over Devon and Cornwall.

I started in the trade in 1988, I served my apprenticeship and was taught my trade by an ex-RAF engineer in Plymouths leading cycle shop, Devon Cycles and that's where my passion was fed and turned into an unstoppable lust for all things BICYCLE!

When I am not servicing or repairing bicycles, I like to spend my leisure time between road riding, mountain biking and furthering my bicycle and product knowledge , be it on my own or with various groups of like minded people who cycle.

Because we are independently owned we offer unbiased advice.  As more and more of you are finding the internet for parts and new bikes, we are happy for  customers to send their purchases directly to the workshop! 


The background experience and why we should be the choice.

We have 30yrs bicycle engineering experience here at BikewieSW, from the very first days of rigid MTB sales and service to todays bluetooth Di2 equipped road and mountain bikes, not forgetting all the children's bikes and most importantly our commuters! 

We are based in the Northern Corridor aiming our pre-arranged same day turnaround at Derriford Hospital and the surrounding businesses for you busy people. 

BikeWiseSW, we specialise in pretty much everything bicycle related, I will not 'tyre' you with a list, bicycle repairs, servicing, wheel building, suspension serving, children's bikes , etc...

At BikeWiseSW we do not discriminate brands or point of purchase, be it from ourselves, your local bike shop (LBS) or The Internet, we will service or fit all bikes or parts.


Our services

Here are our prices for some common workshop jobs. Just because it isn’t on this list doesn’t mean we don’t do it.

Whatever it is, please ask, we want to help and share cycling passion.

We do our very best to stick to these prices, but sometimes a job turns out to be more difficult than anticipated and we need to add a little for labour to cover the extra time. This is charged at £30 per hour. We’ll check with you before doing the extra work or supplying any extra parts so that you can say no if you want.